Feb 23, 2015

Choose Your Face Shape

Image credit: Jun'ichiro Seyama
Most women, particularly Asian, would love to possess more defined and sharper facial features. However, imbalance diet and unhealthy lifestyle can affect the overall shape of the face, causing it to lose definition.  Luckily, face shaping is there for the rescue when that happens.

Feb 17, 2015

Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Causes and Treatments

White stretch marks on the abdomen
Becoming pregnant and eventually a mother is one of most beautiful and life-changing experience a women can have. Pregnancy, nonetheless, has its toll on the body and beauty of most women. But when it comes to beauty, nothing is more appalling than stretch marks that appear on the abdomen and other parts of the body.

Feb 10, 2015

Plastic Surgery Tourism: A Booming Industry

Majority of people love to travel. Some do it for business, some for education while others for plain leisure. A growing percent of people, however, view travelling as an opportunity to reshape their physical appearance, in other words; look more beautiful and sexy. This brings us to the topic of a rising trend referred to as ‘plastic surgery tourism’.

Feb 4, 2015

Where Does That Excess Fat Go?

Image courtesy of FBellon
Having generous amount of fat in a body is certainly undesirable thing. It’s even more unpleasant when certain parts of our body accumulate fat more than others. This often causes frustration and lead to self-consciousness for many of us.