Jan 14, 2016

Hit the sculpt zone with the right mix of exercises and laser therapies

Around this time you would come across many people who have lost considerable amount of weight and also keep on talking about how they did it. It seems like they are a superman or probably a superwoman. But no they are not, they are simple human being like us. The only difference in that they have achieved what you are chasing for. Your future is bright and light. Light meaning you don’t have to continue carrying around that extra weight. It’s time to LOSE IT!

Dedication is the key

Being motivated is the first necessity! Every thing takes its own time. If you think that some miracle would happen and you will get a sculpted figure in a matter of few days, its the biggest mistake you are making. A strong dedication is required to get that perfectly shaped body. Complete body sculpting routine should be done regularly, at least two to three times a week. It is advisable to skip workout for a day in between to allow muscles to rest and repair themselves. When the muscles are allowed to rest, they get stronger and toned better. People who do not wish to workout their entire body on the same day can split the workout routine into upper and lower body. Even while doing this, it is advisable to skip workout for a day in between the workout.

A dose of regular exercise is essential

Exercise along with a balanced cum nutritious diet brings about the best result for any body sculpting routine. Weight training exercises help in toning the muscles while cardiovascular exercises help burn the extra calories and fat. A balanced diet comprising small portions of food throughout the day helps improve the metabolic rate while speeding up fat loss. Body sculpting workout is designed to suit individual needs and the training is tailor made to suit each person. Body sculpting routine is formulated according to the individual's body constitution and depending on how the body reacts to the specified diet and exercise.

Laser Body Sculpting

There are chances when even a mix of good diet and exercise would not yield the results. Fat-dissolving and skin-tightening procedures for body contouring that are less invasive can seem oh-so-appealing when weighed against other options, such as liposuction.

Latest innovations like mesotherapy and Thermage are aslo used to get into the sculpted zone. Mesotherapy involves injection of various cocktails into the skin to dissolve fat where as Thermage uses radio frequency to tighten facial skin for a "nonsurgical" face-lift, and LipoSonix, which uses high-intensity ultrasound to target and destroy fat cells.